Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hey Booboisie! It's been a long time! Let me get a crack at that ass!

Sorry for the vulgarity in the title.  If you're offended by vulgarity, you're an idiot.

While I've been busy doing nothing, Jon and Zach have been busy graduating college, doing more school, getting married, buying a house, and running 4 different blogs and a website and running intellectual circles around most of the idiots we see on TV.  Their's is an effort to be applauded, and one I'm almost shameful I haven't been more active in shaping.

In recent months, I've jumpstarted the lifeless blog that was Jerry's Blug Specktacular and gotten more in touch with my two favorite leading men, and now its time for the Booboisie's famous stepchild to own up to the standards set and raised by Z and Jon.

Currently, the Booboisie is not bringing you the following nuggets of entertainment joy:
Bricks and Brass
The Community Collegian
Three Idiots Read the News
Sexxxy Rexxxy

But what we are bringing you is a sense of wondermental viabilition that will enrich your life in sweet sustainability:

Fear Goggles: Yes, it's a READABLE political blog. Or magazine, depending on whether you feel like shining the pretention shoe. But regardless of medium semantics, Zach and Jon have crafted something here that's intelligent, entertaining, and makes me with the BMB had a cable news network.  Yes, its hyperbole, but don't let that fool you into thinking Fear Goggles isn't worth it.

Vasegurt Tales: I published my first story the other day, forgetting to acknowledge we were supposed to submit things anonymously.  But its there, and if anything it gives people an idea of how the Boob operates within the confines of the short story.

This Page: which is now graced with my presence once again, making it ten times more potent with fart jokes galore.

Morgan Continued: Jon took something I did and made it better, like alway.  Check it out.

Jerry's Blug Specktacular: This is a place where I make fart jokes and talk about sex.  Or its a comedy blog I write to keep from going insane.  I'm not sure yet.

We are the Booboisie, we are the children.  Look for more.

Everybody Mambo!

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