Monday, June 08, 2009

Jerry and Zach Jon and Kate Discussion

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Not that I think the matter needs any more attention, Zach Cato and I had an interesting chat about Jon and Kate Plus 8, and wanted to get some other opinions on that matter.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is what's wrong with America.

Among other things, yes.

But it is a prime example.

i'm glad you agree.

Several aspects of it, actually.

More speicifically, the people that watch are the real problem, as well as the people that put that garbage on TV and tout it as a good, strong family to be admired.

The show itself. Glorifying a couple with eight children that were born out of artificial insemination, undermining both the adoption and overpopulations problems in this country. Kate and Jon are naggy, selfish people. Don't think about what putting their kids on tv might do to them in the future, as long as TLC prints them checks, baby.

Exactly. you should put that in print. that's a great summary.

The media attention. Why in the name of fuck is this front page news? So they may have cheated on each other. I don't care. I didn't care yesterday, I sure as fuck won't care tomorrow. Rednecks have been popping out multiple children for decades. Where's there media coverage?


haha, I confur


it's silly that people are so obsessed with this show, yet couldn't tell you jack shit about the economy, global politics, current issues, etc....disgusting

if there was ever an argument for people having to pass a test BEFORE voting, this is it

Fuck, not just voting. . .breeding.



I'm not that cruel, haha. Then again, I just suggested that we sterilize people who don't pass an intelligence test, soooooooo. . .


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