Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bad Mutha Squential Art (Or Comics, for the Graphic Novel Illiterate

As most of you may or may not know, I loves me some comic books. Seriously, I read and buy so much comic stuff its forcing me out of my room. So, it would only see fitting that we should be working on comic projects as well as TV shit. Here's some updates:

1) The Community Collegian may get developed as a graphic novel. I'm looking for ways to convey the story I want to tell through comics, which is sooo different from any other medium. We'll see how that goes.

2) Johnny Baby has a project, but I'm not at liberty to say anything about it without his permission. Ask him.

3) I'm in the process of helping a good friend of the Booboisie, Dylan Yeaton, with scripting duties on his violent comic opus, Vengenance. I've seen some preliminary art from it, and it's insanely cool.

4) I'm also developing a detective/buddy comedy/sci-fi series at the moment I'm just too giddy to talk about. When I have more done, I'll let you all know what's up.

5) There has been a serious desire to post some pages of my long-running comic series, The Lame Citizens of Rochelle, here on the site. The few people that have read it absolutely love it, so I'm considering it.

Anyway, that's it for now. Go out, support the industry, and buy some fuggin' comics!

Especially Scalped, from Vertigo. It's amazing.

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Johnny Baby said...

1) Of course I love the idea of doing anything as a graphic novel. The Booboisie recently published a volume of a friend's webcomic as a graphic novel. You can expect a full post about Drew Bradley's Hero as soon as Drewbie puts up a new Episode.

2) As soon as we get a title I like, we can start talking about this project.

3) I hope to see some pages of this sometime soon.

4) As anyone who knows anything about #2 (above) knows, I'm excited about this one too.

5) I like the idea of pages online, and, perhaps a book or a few books. I'm really happy with how Drew Bradley's Hero: The Beginning turned out.

So, you're saying I should read Scalped?