Thursday, August 30, 2007


I just want to say how proud I am that my own version of the BMB theme song is being featured on this blog. It's a dream come true!

Also, you should all read "The Watchmen". It's a life-altering experience.

Also, don't take a class called "Global Strategy". It's a trap.

And most of all, I hope this "Community Collegiate" thing gets rolling. I have a lot of faith in what the BMB can and should be, but the window of opportunity is narrowing to take a shot on it as the harsh reality of the real world looms over the nearing horizon. For anyone that reads this blog that isn't involved with the project, thanks for the support and please check in regularly. The guys will need support (and help) if "Community Collegiate" is going to put the Bad Mutha Booboisie on the map.

Truffle shuffle!

--The Grim Reefer

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Johnny Baby said...

Just a quick point of clarification- the project has been officially named "Community Collegian" after Traci pointed out that "collegiate" is an adjective and that "collegian" is the noun form.