Monday, March 19, 2007

Community Collegiate

Ladies and gentledudes, Bricks & Brass has been shelved, or shelfed (a real word, and, in this usage, a synonym to this usage of shelved), indefinitely, so that Bad Mutha Booboisie can focus on a different project, namely Community Collegiate.

It's not that we are giving up on B&B or that we don't like it anymore; it's just that CC is a more appropriate project for us at this time.

That said, we will lift many names from our previous work and apply these names to characters in our current project. If/when we return to a former project, new names will be given to many of the characters.

Finally, I believe that CC is our best work to date. As frustrating as it may be to change projects without completing the project we've been working on, if the change is to a better or more appropriate project, then the change is probably for the best. I think CC is a better show than B&B, as it stands, which, in turn, I thought was better than Atoxic Apenguin Arodeo. Hopefully we'll finish something up to our own standards before we get to work on Zompyres & Zealots.

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