Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tentative Credits for the Crap Pilot

the Bad Mutha Booboisie presents "(We're Not) Bricks & Brass: the Crap Pilot"

Cast (in approximate order of appearance)
Lee Fries: Jon Clucas
Bentley Bontsworth: Ryan Brown
Lucy: Traci Sanford
Man in Wheelchair: Corey Sneyd
Brian Wilmington: Jerry Carpenter
Larry Sanders: Jon Clucas
Honorable Counselor Nick Tomlin: Dylan Yeaton
Stockton Tomlin: Corey Sneyd
Deborah: Traci Sanford
Tara Wilmington: Missy Lowry
Alfred Castratto: Corey Sneyd

Head Writer: Jerry Carpenter

Script Supervisor: Caleb Yeaton

Writers: Jerry Carpenter, Caleb Yeaton, Jon Clucas

Music: Brennan Villines

Produced by: Zach Cato, Jon Clucas, Jerry Carpenter

Co-Produced by: Traci Sanford, Corey Sneyd, Dylan Yeaton, Caleb Yeaton

Directed by: Jon Clucas, Jerry Carpenter, Ryan Brown

Special Thanks to:
the Rochelle Park District
the Northern Illinois University Library
Rochelle Health Care Center East
Roberts Stadium
"Poppa Steve" Cato

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