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This is entirely unrelated to the Bad Mutha Booboisie

My little sister ridiculously signed up for a ridiculous subscription service that is quite simply ridiculous. And since I must refer this company to this article, and I fear they may request Mr. Follas to remove this blog, I thought I should give him a mirror. And I guess y'all should read the rest of his blog, too, but this is essentially the exact same experience I had with these "Mobile Sidewalk" characters. -JC

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
I Think I've Been Crammed!
In early November, I went to San Francisco for the Joint Launch Event. Shortly upon returning home, I kept getting these unsolicited text messages on my cell phone, like the following:

From: 31000
U have 0 pts next question: What is the name of Hilary Duff's sister? A Heidi B Haytie C Yogi Berra D JoeDimaggio

Sometimes, the messages would include text like: '2 end reply stop.' Once or twice, I even tried to reply with the word 'stop', but I would just get a Undeliverable Message error.

So, I didn't think any more about it until I started looking at my December cell phone bill. Each of these messages were coming in at a $0.99 charge! Verizon is listing them under 'Get It Now downloads' as:

Prem_sms 31000 Mobilemessager Trivia

Sigh... This is the last thing that I needed to spend time trying to resolve...

Log of Steps That I've Taken to Resolve the Issue


Unsubscribed before any further messages arrived. You're supposed to be able to do this by replying to a trivia message with 'STOP' (to 31000), but every time that I tried, I would always get a Undeliverable Message response. Instead, I just used their website:


Contacted the company:

42 Corporate Park
Irvine, CA 92606
United States of America




Since I prefer to use email whenever possible, I sent the following:

Since about November, I have been receiving unsolicited prem_sms messages from 31000 to my VZW cell phone (419-410-xxxx). Sure, the messages stated that I could reply with STOP to opt out (which never worked, by the way--always undeliverable), but to my point, I never opted in to any trivia game.

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