Sunday, April 09, 2006

In response to "Studio 60"

I saw this a while back on Cinecon and Cinescape.

I have to say that I was certainly bothered by this piece of news when I first saw it, and the more time that progresses the more trouble we are in. We need to get a pilot done ASAP, as well as treatments for about 5-6 additional episodes. I think our concept is different enough to find a niche somewhere (most likely a station competing with the stations with Sorkin and Fey's shows; I'm thinking TBS, Spike, UPN, etc).

Regardless, we need to get our end shored up fast or we will be washed away before we begin. The Booboisie is better than that, people! I am going to get my dad to start calling into a few connections and get started networking so by the time we get something to show we can begin working our way to the top with this pitch.

The good news: if that link to the transcribed script of Sorkin's is accurate, I think we have a leg up. It seems to contrived and bland that I couldn't read more than about a page worth of the script. It seems like a real dud. I think Fey's idea looks more promising, although despite my love of Tracy Morgan, he has definitely not shown himself capable of being the centerpiece of a sitcom (anyone remember the Tracy Morgan Show? If you don't, you shouldn't feel bad because it was barely on air long enough for anyone to notice). So, that being said, we still have a lot going in our favor.

Lets keep our heads up, fellas. . . .

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