Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Gist of Bricks and Brass...

Anybody that does ask about the show asks the usual stupid question:

What is it about?

That is typically followed by:

Why is it called "Bricks and Brass"?

I'll address the latter by saying mind your own fucking business and really check what line you're crossing, 'cause you're treading some dangerous fucking water there, pal.

On the former: As I've mentioned before, I can't really sum up this show in a sentence or two. It's just not possible. However, after dealing with some pesky copyright bullshit that my man Zach enlightened me on, I'm able to share the basic premise of "Bricks and Brass", with you, our adoring public.

The Simple Version: "Bricks and Brass" is a comedy about the lives of the members of a forming sketch comedy group that has little talent and no real reason to exist. It is also a show about friendship and relationships and rivalries that will be used to comment on the shittiness of human interaction. This will also be a show about what happens when you try to stick a frozen pizza in a toaster oven, cause it's our show and we fuckin' want to do that.

The Not-So-Simple Version:
The day after his third failed suicide attempt, Lee (John "Johnny Baby" Clucas), a college dropout who tries to maintain a healthy disposition despite his attempts at killing himself, seriously starts to question his station in life. His duties that day at the nursing home don't help either, as he's forced to read Brian's (his best friend since kindergarten and royal pain in the ass) poetry to sick old people and babysit his other friend, Bont (who is also a royal pain in the ass). Things get even worse when Lee finally decides to do one good thing for himself and ask out the nursing home receptionist, Deborah.

Bont (Ryan "Downtown" Brown) is a spoiled brat rich kid who has a child-like need for attention and role models, those of which he finds in Lee and, to a lesser extent, Brian. A path of destruction and chaos typically follows in Bont's steps, but it's usually caused by his ignorance. In an attempt to help Lee score points with Deborah, he inadvertently ruin's Lee chances and also causes bodily harm to his friend. Bont apologizes by giving beer to the old people.

Brian (Jerry "The Walrus and the" Carpenter) is a pretentious, community college dropout, wannabe artsy fuck who's on the fast track to nowhere but thinks he's ready to shine. While trying to gain an audience with his old high school counselor (so he doesn't have to pay a therapist), Brian is called by his TV-producer cousin Kevin (Zach Cato) about reviving Brian and Lee's old high school sketch comedy troupe for a TV show. This only fuels Brian's celebrity-wannabe complex, and he immeadiately rushes to get ahold of Lee.

Lee and Brian discuss, and after some skepticism, Lee gives in and agrees to do the show. Bont, who Brian absolutely loathes, also weasels his way into the group, and from there, the race is on to create the next big thing in crappy sketch comedy.

I really wish I could post the script here, because what I have here really isn't doing the show justice. It's really that fucking good. Again, I can't give enough fucking kudos to Zach, John, and the great Caleb Yeaton for the all the input they've given.

Bricks and Brass, at it's heart, is a story about three friends who have found themselves doing nothing with their lives, all for different reasons. Lee has been discouraged from going on with his life after being shat on by almost everyone and everything he's come into contact with despite his positive outlook on human nature. Brian believes that the world isn't good enough, that it's a slow, simple-minded collective that can't appreciate the true talent and majesty that is Brian Willmington...more or less, Brian is just too fucking full of himself. And Bont? Bont is going nowhere because he doesn't have to go anywhere. He's had life handed to him on a silver platter (along with the best meds money can buy). The series will deal with how life suddenly presents opportunity to these people and how they deal with that chamge.

However, there's so much more to "Bricks and Brass" (I feel like a fucking car salesmen...or like I'm trying to pitch a TV show...). Through this show, we hope to comment heavily on pretty much everything, ranging from relationships to small town life to nursing home humor to celebrity bullshit to handlebar moustaches to raising age-of-consent laws to 32 and everything else we feel like commenting on.

The show is also very character-based. I love our characters, and when you love your characters there's more enjoyment in creating the show and seeing how these things happen. Besides, once the show kicks off and we (hopefully) get picked up to do at least a season, you'll be introduced to five more main characters and tons of brilliant supporting characters. Seriously, fuck USA network. Characters welcome? We fucking embrace them.

I'll have more to say on the pilot later, but it's late, and I'd like to get to bed at some point. Give me some feed back people. The Booboisie loves it, even if I don't.


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